The stage of menopause that can’t be skipped

Dealing With Hot FlashesBefore entering menopause, you must know what is awaiting you. The symptoms that occur during this stage are not very pleasing and could turn out to be quite difficult to handle. It might even lead to issues in personal relationships. You must be one among the very few lucky women if you have not experienced hot flashes during this stage. Hot flashes or temperature fluctuations experienced in a woman during the transition into menopause is the most frequent and common symptom nearly each woman goes through. Being the highest caused and highly irritating and uncomfortable symptom, scientists are still finding a way out for relief from them.

There is no particular cure that completely eradicates hot flashes. A frequently prescribed therapy is hormone replacement which is done only when the condition becomes unbearable. However, not many women prefer to take this therapy. Instead they look for more natural remedies that may be most efficient.

Natural remedies for hot flashes

Fortunately, there are various natural remedies available. So even if one of them doesn’t seem to work, you may try another or a combination of the remedies that suits you best. This helps to reduce or it may sometimes even eliminate hot flashes completely.


The best way to battle hot flashes is to have a healthy diet rich in all the important minerals, vitamins and nutrients that the body requires. Even certain herbal supplements may be taken along with this.


It is important to take the right kind of vitamins that are necessary for those in the transition period and also for those who are just approaching menopause. The recommended dosages of vitamins B complex, C and E must be taken as they act as a good defense against hot flashes. Vitamin C has the ability to directly inhibit hot flashes and vitamin B helps reduce stress which is a major cause that triggers hot flashes. Vitamin E helps fight hot flashes and certain heart problems as well.


Few minerals are said to help reduce hot flashes. For instance, Selenium supports vitamin E and thus both can be taken together for positive results. Zinc, calcium and magnesium are other minerals that help in easing hot flashes. There are products available which contain all the necessary vitamins and minerals required to reduce hot flashes.

Herbal Remedies

Dealing With Hot FlashesHot flashes can be suppressed by various herbs and plants. Listed below are some of the common herbs that balance female hormones as well as fight hot flashes.

  1. Oil of flax seeds
  2. Dong Quai roots
  3. Licorice roots
  4. Chaste berries
  5. Rehmannia roots

Herbs like the lovage root, codonopsis root, white peony and ginger root help battling hot flashes though they act differently in the body.


Isoflavones are compounds that are generally known as phytoestrogens. This name was given owing to its similarity to estrogen hormones. Isoflavones are available in the supplement form and may also be found abundantly in soy and soya products.

As a conclusion, there is no single cure for such cases. Instead you can try a combination of a few of them or just experiment until you find the best that suits your body.

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