Every woman goes through this phase at some point of her life and it cannot be skipped. It occurs at a stage when the cycle of reproduction ends which happens when ovaries cease to produce hormones. At this point, several changes take place in the body with various intensities. However, every woman experiences any one of the various symptoms caused by menopause. This changes the life of a woman.

The changes that occur during menopause result from the reduction in the levels of progesterone and estrogen hormones which are essential for ovulation. A proper balance of these hormones helps in keeping many processes and functions of the body well under control.

Initial stages

What Does Menopause Feel Like?The initial stage of menopause is known by the term Perimenopause, the stage in which progesterone and estrogen levels gradually fall and menopausal symptoms are experienced. However, this stage is not as severe as the stage when the hormone production completely stops and the ovaries cease functioning. During Perimenopause, occasional bleeding is experienced which is normal but the monthly bleeding pattern varies from one woman to the other. For instance, some may not have menses for months together and then all of a sudden have very heavy bleeding while others may have spotting or blood clots and yet others may just experience very light bleeding. These are all the characteristics of the period during transition.

When you reach menopause, menses stops completely and permanently. This inhibits conception in a woman. Even though an egg that may be accidentally released is fertilized there is no chance of sustaining the pregnancy.

Intercourse becomes more painful owing to the vaginal dryness and women then lose interest due to the pain that is caused.

Symptoms of menopause

What Does Menopause Feel Like?There are various symptoms, most of which are highly unpleasant. For example, night sweats and hot flashes which are caused due to the imbalance in hormones. For some women, the hot flashes do not matter while for others they become severe and proper medical treatment to overcome them. Hormonal changes trigger emotions and cause sudden waves of anger or anxiety, mood swings, emotional outbursts that keep recurring. Women may not have experienced any of this in the past.

Finally, menopause is attained and a woman enters a phase where she becomes more vulnerable to osteoporosis, a condition where the bones begin to soften. Though not every woman faces this condition, the ones who do will need to take calcium medicines or supplements to strengthen their bones and prevent fractures.

Luckily, we have various new medical technologies and solutions for menopausal symptoms, of which some are natural and others pharmaceutical. Both these approaches help in reduction or complete eradication of some of the highly intolerable symptoms caused by menopause.

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