Based on factors like customer feedback, effectiveness, price, ingredients, customer service, product guarantee and availability, a research was done and the top three products were chosen as the best for treatment of menopause symptoms. The products showed exceptional results with no side effects or discomfort while using. Here we discuss the top three ranked products that were chosen during the research.

Product ranked #1: MenoClear

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Menoclear is the highest ranking menopause product for various reasons. Firstly, it is exclusively available as a nighttime and daytime formula designed such that the formula adapts to the changes in the body during night and day since our bodies tend to react differently at day and differently at night. Both the formulas have been able to retain a healthy balance in the body.

Secondly, relief can be observed within two to three days of use. Symptoms like irritability, insomnia, hot flashes, night sweats, etc. are all slashed to an extent that is noticeable quite quickly.

Thirdly, Menoclear has proved to be safe. It contains high quality ingredients and stabilizes the hormonal balance in the body.

The product was designed by doctors and scientists as a team and the ingredients used have all been proven safe to use over a long term. The ingredients include DIM, ammonium succinate, 5 HTP, Protykin and Black Cohosh. These ingredients work together to prevent recurrence.

Finally, Menoclear help women suffering with premenopausal symptoms like mood swings, headaches, weight gain and fatigue.

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This product regains hormonal balance and makes women feel physically and mentally fit. It provides better sleep, helps think better, prevents hot flashes and mood swings that women go through during this phase.

Product ranked #2: Menozac

We Compare The Leading Menopause SupplementsThis product has been ranked in the second place as it does not have all the benefits that the best product has. Menozac relieves various symptoms without the use of any added artificial ingredients. However, it takes nearly a week in order to feel a difference with Menozac. Also it does not alleviate all of the symptoms for menopause and is designed such that it works only on days when you are facing the symptoms like hot flashes and mood swings.

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They consist of phytoestrogen botanicals which reduce the effect of the symptoms, thus making it easier to endure.

Product ranked #3: Balance Point


We Compare The Leading Menopause SupplementsThis product ranked number three, acts as a multi-vitamin during the phase of menopause in women. It helps reduce many of the symptoms related to menopause.

Balance point also has no side effects and can be used as a long term medicine. It contains various vitamins and minerals which are essential to maintain a good health.

It has properties of anti-aging, helps in increasing energy levels and bone density. However, it lacks certain ingredients which are required to reduce hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, etc.

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This product provides the body important minerals and vitamins and also contains several herbs that help protect the body cells from being attacked by free radicals.

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