Medical treatments for menopause

Medical Menopause TreatmentsFor those who are facing a tough time with menopause, they need to be aware that various treatment measures are available to alleviate the symptoms and their intensity. There are hormonal, herbal as well as pharmaceutical treatments and it is best to get advice from your doctor as to which one will suit you best. The choice of treatment should be based on the severity and frequency of the symptoms and if any of them cause any pain. Please note, that though menopause causes discomfort there should be no pain involved.

The following lists the non-hormonal and hormonal treatments that are available.


The following treatments are done without the usage of any hormones for treating menopausal issues.


Few women experience certain side effects that are triggered by low BP during the phase of menopause. Clonidine has the ability to control high blood pressures. Thus, it helps in reducing the intensity and severity of hot flashes that are experienced.

Antidepressant medications

Medical Menopause TreatmentsDepression, mood swings, irritability and hot flashes are highly experienced during this stage. Antidepressant pills control emotional stress that occur frequently. Discuss with your doctor to find out if it is safe for you to take them.


Being an anti-seizure drug it also reduces the intensity of the hot flashes that a woman experiences. Dizziness, swelling and sleepiness are certain side effects caused by this drug.

 Hormonal Treatments

Menopause causes a reduction in the female hormones so hormone therapies are used to treat the symptoms caused by menopause.

Pills for birth control

These pills help in regulating the menstrual cycle in the perimenopause stage and can also be used to control very heavy periods. But if you are a smoker or have had blood clots in the past, these pills must be avoided as they may increase the probabilities of stroke to occur.

Levonorgestrel Intrauterine Device or Progestin Pills

Medical Menopause TreatmentsThese pills are used to release progesterone in the uterus using an IUD (Intrauterine Device) which helps in reducing irregular and heavy periods in the perimenopausal stage. Some women do report certain side effects with this so it is best to talk to  your doctor for safety.

Vaginal estrogen

A low dose of this vaginal estrogen is used in the form of a cream, ring or tablet. It helps in preventing vaginal dryness and also aids in reducing the weakening of urethra and vagina without inducing high dosages of estrogen in the body.

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

HRT is also available in the form of a pill, cream, vaginal ring, gel or patch. HRT may cause various side effects. Therefore, very low doses are only recommended for this treatment.

Menopause symptoms have various different treatment methods. Discuss with your physician and choose the best that suits your body condition since the intensity of the symptoms varies in each woman and their body conditions also differ. So find the most effective treatment method for you.

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