What is Kyolic Estro-Logic?

Estro-Logic is a dietary supplement manufactured by Kyolic, which is a company that specializes in natural products for general health. Estro-Logic claims to help in the restoration of estrogen imbalance which triggers menopausal symptoms. According to its manufacturer, this dietary supplement is patented, clinically tested and is derived from plant sources with compounds that the body can use to maintain normal levels of estrogen in women experiencing hormonal changes due to menopause. It is also alleged that its ingredients have been shown to be effective through extensive studies.


The active ingredients per capsule of Estro-Logic include:

  • Black Cohosh Root Extract – 100mg
  • Soybean Isoflavones – 50mg
  • Wild Yam Extract – 33.3mg
  • Sage Extract – 25mg
  • Chastetree Berry Extract – 12.5mg
  • Vervain Extract – 12.5mg
  • Astragalus Extract – 12.5mg
  • Motherwort Extract – 12.5mg

Additional ingredients include cellulose, silica, gelatin, and magnesium stearate from vegetable sources. It does not contain dairy, sugar, preservatives, gluten, sodium, yeast, and artificial colors or flavors.


Estro-Logic comes with easy to use and clear instructions. It is in capsule form. The manufacturer recommends that you should take one capsule twice daily with meals. It is not stated if this supplement can be combined with prescribed medication. It is thus recommendable to contact your doctor if you are already on medication for menopausal symptoms before using this product. Your doctor may recommend a different dosage other than the manufacturer’s recommendation.


We did not find the recommended retail price of Estro-Logic on the manufacturer’s official website. The manufacturer has also not stated where this dietary supplement can be purchased. At Amazon, a bottle of Estro-Logic containing 60 capsules is retailing for $16.48. Shipping is free with Amazon Prime. We could not establish if there are discounts or promotions for customers who purchase in bulk.

Possible Side Effects

We have not come across any adverse side effects associated with the use of Estro-Logic. However, we found mixed reactions from some customers on Amazon. Some claim it is helpful in alleviating menopausal symptom whereas some have reported a few side effects. It is recommendable to contact your healthcare provider before trying this product especially if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or under prescribed medication.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

The manufacturer does not offer any kind of guarantee to clients who purchase this product. This may be an indication that this supplement is not as effective as it claims to be. The presence of both negative and positive user comments on Amazon point out that this supplement can be helpful to some but not all.

The Bottom Line

Estro-Logic can be a potential dietary supplement for dealing with menopausal symptoms. It comes with easy to use instructions and all the active ingredients have been listed on the manufacturer’s website. However, it has some downsides. It doesn’t come with a money-back guarantee for unsatisfied customers.  Some users on Amazon also claim that it has side effects. There are no clinical studies to prove the safety of its ingredients. We believe there are other better dietary supplements for alleviating menopausal symptoms that come with a money-back guarantee and are backed by scientific research.

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