Basic Information: What is Now Menopause Support?

Now Menopause Support claims to use only the most potent of ingredients in order to fully address all the issues brought on by menopause. Now Menopause support aims to succeed through the provision of the high content of each ingredient.


Now Menopause support contains the following ingredients that have been standardized to be the right potency to be beneficial for treating menopause symptoms:

  • Dong Quai
  • Red raspberry
  • Chaste tree
  • Red clover
  • Black cohosh
  • Soy isoflavones
  • Wild yam
  • Licorice root
  • Ginger root
  • 5-HTP

Other ingredients include rice flour, silica, and magnesium stearate.


Now recommends that that product should be taken three times a day. There is no indication on whether this supplement should be taken before, after, or during a meal.


On the Now website, Menopause Support is available for $19.99. There does not seem to be any option to buy this product in bulk.

Possible Side Effects

Caution is advised to anyone taking any other medications, especially blood thinners and to people who are under 18, pregnant, or breastfeeding. Now Menopause Support has sedative qualities which may lead to slight drowsiness in some people.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Now is a time tested company which has been producing supplements since 1968. All their products, including Now Menopause Support, have been manufactured and produced in a cGMP certified facility.

Now Menopause Support does not have a money back guarantee in place in case customers experience unsatisfactory results which, to the consumer, can be an indication of lack of confidence in their own product. Besides Menopause Support, there is no indication anywhere on the Now website on whether any of their products have a money back guarantee.

The Bottom Line

The entirety of the Now website is very interactive with various sources of information on Now itself such as their world-class cGMP certified laboratory. However, with the copious amount of supplements that Now features on their site, little attention has gone to Menopause Support specifically. The page was very minimalist with no individual descriptions on supplement properties, unclear instructions on dosage and incomplete precautionary data.

Now has produced supplements for various fields including beauty, health, essential oils, sports nutrition, and even pet health. This wide variation in production paired with minimalist information on specific products can be an indication of mass production in order to increase capital gain and profit as opposed to supplements or companies that focus on smaller margins such as women’s health in particular.

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