Basic Information: What is Oona Herbal Supplement?

Oona Herbal Supplements target menopause and its symptoms straight from the source by ensuring hormonal balance through its specially formulated supplement. Oona uses two key ingredients in a bid to balance hormones and relieve women of the symptoms of menopause which include hot flashes and night sweats.


  1. Black cohosh – Black cohosh is a herb used since ancient times to fight against gynecological ailments. It works by imitating the action of estrogen in the body which eliminates the need for bio-identical substances or hormone replacement therapy.
  2. Chaste tree berry – Chaste tree berry extracts have been known to address the overall symptoms of menopause which include night sweats and hot flashes. Its main purpose is to support the production of progesterone in the body.


Oona recommends that when you have only just started to take the Oona Herbal Supplement, take two tablets three times a day. When symptoms begin to subside after about 2 weeks, to lower the dosage to one tablet, three times a day.

There is no indication on whether Oona should be taken before, after, or with a meal.


One box of Oona with 96 tablets for one month’s worth of supply will cost $29.00.

Possible Side Effects

Oona does not list any side effects directly related with their supplement but there are special precautions that come with black cohosh in general such as:

Protein S Deficiency – Protein S deficiency causes the body to be more prone to blood clots. Black cohosh has the same effect and this combination could be dangerous. If you have protein S deficiency, avoid using anything with black cohosh.

Liver damage – Black cohosh has been known to cause liver damage in some studies if taken in excess.

Hormone-sensitive conditions – As black cohosh mimics the effects of estrogen, it will have an adverse reaction on people with conditions that are worsened by hormones such as endometriosis, uterine cancer, or ovarian cancer.

Kidney transplant – If you have had or are due to have a kidney transplant, avoid black cohosh as it has been known to cause kidney donor rejection.

Manufacturer’s commitment  

Oona Herbal Supplements do not have a manufacturer’s guarantee or returns policy anywhere on their website.

Oona has no affiliation with third party institutions to certify their product nor do they have any reviews on their website.

The Bottom Line

The Oona herbal supplement could possibly target the symptoms of menopause effectively through its provision of a supplement that ensures a balance of both estrogen and progesterone, however, Oona does not have any properties that address any specific symptoms such as circulation, bone density, weight gain and such which are also symptoms of menopause.

The website of Oona is horribly made, not user-friendly, and has hardly any information displayed. The properties of Oona are mentioned on the website with a focus more on history rather than specific use during menopause. Directions for use, product label, and side effects had to be sourced elsewhere though the Oona website displayed their price clearly and in plain view.

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