What is Research Verified MenoRelief?

This is a review of the product, Research Verified MenoRelief. The product contains the most potent and also the purest ingredients which have been clinically tried and tested for its effectiveness. MenoRelief comes in two formulas, both are meant to help regulate the body’s hormones to help alleviate certain symptoms such as fatigue, mood swings, irritability, and restlessness.


Research Verified MenoRelief Day Time formula contains the following ingredients:

  • 340 mg Roseroot
  • 320 mg Black Cohosh
  • 200 mg Chasteberry
  • 200 mg Red Clover
  • 150 mg Soy Isoflavones
  • 100 mg Passionflower
  • 100 mg DIM
  • 100 mg Soy Lignans
  • 70 mg Wild Yam
  • 10 mg Boron
  • 7 mg Tocopheryl Acetate
  • 4 mg Protykin
  • 2 mg Zinc Difumarate Hydrate

The Night Time formula contains:

  • 200 mg Valerian Root
  • 200 mg Hesperidin Methyl Chalcone
  • 200 mg Calcium
  • 30 mg Magnesium Disuccinate
  • 50 mg Passionflower
  • 50 mg Ammonium Succinate
  • 50 mg 5-HTP
  • 15 mg Potassium Succinate
  • 15 mg Glycine
  • 2.5 mg Melatonin


For the day time formula it is recommended you take two capsules a day. One in the morning and one in the afternoon with a glass of water before you eat. For the night time formula, take one capsule with a glass of water before you head to bed.


The cost of one bottle will be $48.00 However, you do have other packages to select from. You can also select from the 3 month supple or the 6 month supply packages, each package provides a generous discounted rate. Your best value would be to purchase the 6 month package as it would lower your pricing to $24.00 per bottle.

What to Expect

The results for this product may vary. It is always ideal to follow the directions accordingly to see the best results possible.

Keep an Eye

According to the manufacturer, there should be little to no side effects with this product since it contains natural ingredients. However, it is recommended you speak with a healthcare specialist especially if you currently on medication or are receiving treatments.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

ResearchVerfied MenoRelief comes with a 365 money back guarantee. This ensures you have the option to return this product if you happen to not be happy with the results. All you would need to do is send back all bottles, both opened and unopened back to the manufacturer and you will get your full amount back with no questions asked and no hassle.

There are also some very positive customer testimonials as well. The reviews were overwhelming positive and the majority of the testimonials had nothing but praise for this product and its claims. Many have been repeat customers who will continue to purchase this product.

The Bottom Line

MenoRelief is a strong product. It has natural ingredients that contain no filler, binders, or artificial ingredients. In addition you also have a 365 day guarantee. This is means you are getting a risk free product you can try without having any fear you will be losing your money if it does not work for you. The positive testimonials from loyal customers also reinforce this product it a better quality than those currently on the market.

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